Design, development, maintenance, label printing, FutárGO

Megaglobal Kft. not only provides the hardware or simple software elements of the systems but also designs the systems, operates them, repairs, and maintains the components. Special professional training and experience in label and barcode printing, as well as two-dimensional code data collection, are of paramount importance.

Significant and high quality are the software services, the program design, and software development even for international companies. The company has extensive experience in the manufacture and maintenance of systems and components used in industrial manufacturing environments.

Operation and maintenance

Megaglobal Kft. is the official brand service of the Japanese SATO label printing company, but also provides repair services for printers, readers, and data loggers from several other manufacturers, such as Zebra, Honeywell, Panasonic, Datalogic, Epson, Star.

Our company provides many Hungarian and foreign-owned companies with operational support and maintenance, as well as supplies for these asset groups. Under our current contracts, we not only maintain or repair the equipment but also provide educational tasks or consulting opportunities onsite or even online.

Program design and development

The second pillar of our company is software development solutions based on individual business needs. Development of custom software from design through implementation to providing follow-up support, even on an SLA basis. We also have the necessary project managers and system organizers with development capacities, we are not unfamiliar with the classic Agilis or even the hybrid operation of these methodologies following business needs.

We provide the delivery of complete solutions from target hardware to custom-developed software solutions, integrated into the customer’s existing IT infrastructure. We provide these solutions to large companies with locations in multiple countries/regions/continents.

Label printing

Part of our company’s portfolio is the custom printing (label printing) service, which allows us to print rolls, black and white, and self-adhesive labels, as well as custom perforated, black-mark, or continuous labels.

Label selection is from a wide range of products.

Depending on the material, you can choose from the following types of labels:

  • matte or glossy – paper, heat paper
  • matt or glossy – plastic
  • special labels as custom shape or base color or adhesive as cold store, security, removable

The following parameters are required for accurate bidding:

  • label size – the maximum size of printable labels in our service is 168mm x 990mm
  • the content of the label – image, text, code
  • the order quantity.

The minimum order value is HUF 5,000.

FutárGO system

FutárGO is a self-developed system that uses industrial hardware elements to help the suppliers of small or medium-sized logistics systems, and the performed tasks can be analyzed in terms of optimization and cost analysis. It provides a technology solution for delivery and home delivery businesses with software that can efficiently manage orders, courier tasks, courier tracking, provide easy-to-use intelligent statements and feedback on deliverables, statistics, and visual location information.

The software can be divided into two main parts: Portal and Mobile Application.

The range of users of the business solution: On the one hand, restaurants, restaurant chains, companies providing catering services, companies processing Internet orders, large companies, where the internal logistics processes can be optimized using software. On the other hand, couriers, delivery staff, logistics staff, coordinators. If required, we fully customize and further develop our software solution to best fit the operating profile of the given company.