and product lines

The products and product lines sold by Megaglobal Ltd. primarily belong to the field of engineering informatics, especially to barcode technology and label printing technology. In addition, the product portfolio includes traditional IT hardware and software as well as special purpose hardware and software.

Due to the volume of product sales, the company has an official partner or service status with several large manufacturers; these include Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Sato, Panasonic, Epson, Jabra, Star, Seagull Scientific.

Targeted hardware distributions such as Raspberry PI or industrial camera systems, industrial sensors, primarily the Datasensor family, are also distributed according to customer needs.

Thanks to the flexible internal logistics system and the available international delivery companies, we deliver the ordered products – even from foreign stock – to the customer’s site within a day.

Barcode technique and label printing

Active use of barcodes or two-dimensional codes simplifies logistics and commercial processes, significantly reducing the potential for product tracking systems to fail, while significantly increasing the speed of operations. With the present technology conditions, we can easily generate and print code, we can easily connect the read result to a software system.

There are a large number of available hardware devices to choose from, and even printing and reading pairs can be done quickly with home devices such as a desktop printer or simple telephones. For industry-class requirements, barcode readers, data loggers designed for fast and extreme conditions, or a large number of label printers with up to 24 hours of operation are available.

In addition to the spectacular elements of barcode technology and label printing technology, the most important unit is the software that manages the collected data and creates the desired codes for use. Megaglobal Kft. Designs the systems, puts the elements of the technology into the system, maintains them, repairs them if necessary, and takes care of the consumables to be used as labels, ink ribbons, and other parts.


Special purpose hardware

In addition to the use of barcode technology solutions (readers or printers), there may be a need for special, so-called special target hardware, which can effectively support the performance of a given task. Bar code technology is now used in many areas, from logistics to healthcare, whether in the food trade or agriculture, and some special tasks or conditions that can be said to be special for each business line.

Our company has adapted to a high degree of the acquisition, installation, and development of support services related to this special-purpose hardware. Every major manufacturer today has such or similar target devices, let it be ZEBRA, Honeywell, or SATO products. As an official partner of large manufacturers, Megaglobal Kft. is able to support companies in connection with the given special task, from the selection of the target device through the commissioning of the devices in the service and maintenance of the products.

Traditional IT hardware and software products

Our company – tailored to all needs – regularly supplies their customers with unique business IT tools and software that can be used in large enterprise environments. “Boxed” software solutions are effectively support the user of the product, the customer’s employee, in performing a specific task in a business environment. Such special software can be, for example, flow simulation software, special architectural software, or other custom solutions.

Megaglobal Kft. can also assist in the delivery of hardware solutions when the acquisition of target hardware is necessary for connection with a specific task or circumstance. Our company has already been able to provide equipment for numerous special situations, from the chemical industry to nuclear power plants.